Résumé Services

Professional Résumés
$75.00 for Entry Level Résumés (people entering the job market < 5 years of employment)
$98.00 Nursing/Teaching/Federal Mid-level careers 2 pgs Federal resume sample
$148.00 VP/Managerial/Executive Level Résumés
$168.00 Résumé Booklets 3 pgs + cover resume booklet sample
$224.00 Curriculum Vita sample meredith_s_curriculum_vita_wps[1]
Résumés from scratch
Download a Résumé Questionnaire and start developing a Résumé from scratch and type in your information Resume_Quesionaire_Word-FILL IN FORM
Download & Print & handwrite your information Résumé Questionnaire and start developing a Résumé from scratch. Resume_Quesionaire_Word
Cover Letters

$40.00 for Cover Letters. A personalized letterhead is created for each cover letter.

$20 for Thank You Letters. Thank You Letters go a long way after interviews…

Résumé Interviews
Résumé clients are interviewed for informational purposes. Interviews range from 15 to 35 minutes.
Mock Interviews
$40.00 for 45 minute Mock Interview sessions (extensive interview preparation)
$60.00 Revisions to résumés on file. Résumés are maintained on file for 60 days.

Meredith C. McGee, Manager/Professional Writer

email inquiries to: meredithcmcgee@gmail.com



Check out books and works by Meredith C. McGee
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Check out books and works by Meredith C. McGee

29 thoughts on “Résumé Services

  1. Hi Mrs. Meredith,

    I had spoken with you earlier for a moment about a research paper that is very much needed. The research paper it self would be om APA format, 9 pages, double space, 1″ margins, running head, and at the end of every paragraph there needs to be a citation. The paper consist of 8 references with 5 of those being pier review. Also a cover page. The instructor would like for a total of 11-12 pages. Also a power point of 5 slides to present in class giving a brief summary of the paper. I think this is everything in detail need.

    Thanks S.

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  2. I have used typing solutions for three years. Typing solutions did resume’s for me, assisted with papers for school and work. The customer service was outstanding and I highly recommend this service.


  3. Meredith C. McGee, Professional Writer, Typing Solutions Résumés & Etc

    As you know, RDLN Graduate Meredith McGee is now a freelance writer for the Jackson Advocate newspaper in Mississippi (www.jacksonadvocateonline.com) in addition to her book writing, publishing and entrepreneurship. During March, she wrote seven articles for a special Women’s History Month edition of the paper. Attached are digital copies of three of these articles. Two relate to RDLN, including one about RDLN graduate and Board member Mily Treviño-Sauveda and one focusing on RDLN’s president. The third is a full-page article concerning southern women authors, including RDLN Board members Billie Jean Young, Unita Blackwell and Shirley Sherrod.

    In April, Meredith provided eight articles to the Advocate on black businesses in the Jackson area. She expects to have an ongoing relationship with the paper. Meredith is the author of James Meredith: Warrior and the America that Created Him (Praeger Publishing, 2013), a biography of her uncle, James Meredith, who integrated the University of Mississippi; Odyssey, a book of poems and other writings (Meredith, Etc., 2013); and Married to Sin, an oral history of a dysfunctional family (Mose Dantzler, 2012). Meredith, Etc. and Mose Dantzler are publishing companies that Meredith founded. She also owns Typing Solutions, Resumes, Etc., a typing, writing, editing and business consulting service in Jackson…

    Congratulations to Meredith for this new work and thanks for using the platform to bring visibility to RDLN and the Network members involved.

    Starry Krueger

    Rural Development Leadership Network
    P.O. Box 98 Prince St. Station
    New York, NY 10012
    (212)777-9137/(212)477-0367 (Fax)


  4. How long is too long? The length of your resume should be based on your experience and the type of job you’re seeking. Some general guidelines are:

    Less is more for entry level applicants. Entry level job seekers or those transitioning between career fields should stick to a one page resume.

    Other times, a little extra is OK. or mid-level candidates with around five to ten years of experience or anyone whose field requires technical or engineering skills, a two-page resume is common. It allows enough space to include all of the pertinent information in a readable manner. The key is to fill all, or at least three-quarters, of the second page with relevant and helpful information so that recruiter’s attention is not drawn to the blank space on the second page.

    Senior executives can write away. Executives or senior-level managers with a long list of accomplishments in their field – or those in an academic or scientific field whose experience includes a number of publications, licenses or patents – are the only people who should be circulating a resume that is three pages or longer.


  5. We typed and edited a student’s dissertation a few years ago, and now he is a published author. We are happy to be have played such a great role in his milestone. Hat’s off to Rev. Dr. Louis Hathorn, author of “Social Justice and Christianity.”


  6. Thanks Mrs. Meredith your have been a blessing in the sky’s for many years, Helping me out with my resumes. She is a true professional when it comes to writeing resume and papers and poems. Thanks for your help for so many years.

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  7. Hey I just came across your website I’m in need of a great resume I have one that’s up to date but will like it done and look over by a professional. I also will like to do the mock interview as well

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  8. What do you think about using the meta description on blog posts then? I read told me Matt Cutts said to stop using them a few months
    ago as they help competitors
    Do you participate in any social sites


  9. This service took care of my federal resume and cover letter in a few hours so I could apply for a job at the last minute. Everything looked good. I was impressed. The rush fee was high. But it was worth it. I am scheduled to go on an interview next week. I can handle the rest.


  10. I am truly blessed to have Meredith prepare my resume. Her level of professionalism and experience in creating a successful and productive resume is a true gift from God. Thanks, Ms. Arrington


  11. Thank you Meredith for providing prompt and professional service for developing me a professional resume that I will be proud show any employer. Thank you again and I look forward to future business.

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  12. This service did a great job with my federal resume. It looks good and is much improved from what I typed myself. I actually am getting interviews now.

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  13. By far the best professional services I have ever used! Mrs. Meredith is very knowledgeable of the services she provides. Her patience, her time and her willingness to help was awesome. I first used Typing Solutions in 2008 and again in 2017 receiving the same level of professional services says a lot. This is why she’s still in business and successful. I highly recommend this service. Thank you Mrs. Meredith!

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  14. Mrs. McGee,
    Did my Resume she did an excellent job. she will actually take the time to go over your work
    experience, and give you honest feedback. Made recommendations on what I needed.
    Customer Service & her patience was excellent. I highly recommend this service. You are the
    best. Thank you again Mrs. McGee.

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  15. Mrs. McGee,
    Did my Resume she did an excellent job. she will actually take the time to go over your work
    experience, and give you honest feedback. Made recommendations on what I needed.
    Customer Service & her patience was excellent. I highly recommend this service. You are the

    Thank you again Mrs. McGee.


  16. I would like say that this is a professional service that I recommend for all your typing needs. Ms. Merideth will take time to assist, assess and advise you on all your business needs. She will also give recommendations and share her experience and expertise.


  17. I really had a great experience with Meredith. She was very competent and precise in helping me create a professional resume.
    I highly recommend her services. She an affordable, as well as, skilled writer.


  18. Thank You Mrs. McGhee for helping me with my resume! I was very pleased with the final outcome. Your expertise was greatly appreciated! I will spread the word about your business and your personal attention to ensure I was satisfied. Again thanks!
    Moses Kendrick

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