Questions & Answers

What is the turn around time for résumé services? 

There is a 72 hour turn around time for résumé services. 

Can I get my school papers typed in a few hours? 
Yes, generally, we can type small projects within a few hours. We like to receive handwritten pages during the morning hours if they are needed the same day for an evening class. 

Will Typing Solutions correct grammar errors in my papers? 

Yes, we will correct grammar and spelling errors. We’re interesting in assisting students to improve their grade. 

How long does it take to get invitations? 

Invitations can be processed in a few days, but generally they should be mailed 30 days before the event. 

Can your service help me get my manuscript ready to send to a publisher? 

We can format manuscripts for print and e-books.

Can you help us start a new business? 

Yes, we can assist you to start a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a LLC, or a S Corporation. We write professional Business & Marketing Plans.

Do you print funeral programs with picture collages? 

Yes, we can design and print your funeral programs with photo collages.

What is included in a business plan? 

Business plans describe the business and location, analyse the market, industry, and competitors, describe management and personnel issues, develop pricing and marketing strategies, and include financial projections. Résumés, leases, deeds, credit reports, census data, brochures, menus, and industry articles are among some of the items that are attached to business plans. 

How many pages is a business plan and what does a plan cost? 

Business plans for small and existing businesses range from 40-65 pages. Start-up business plans range from $950 and up. Our current hourly billing rate is $40 per hour. Corporate business plans include 100s of pages and cost thousands of dollars. This service does not prepare business plans for large corporations. We specialize in small business consulting. 

 Do you type handwritten manuscripts? 

We type handwritten documents. It generally takes two handwritten pages to equal one double spaced typed page. 

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