Free “Thank You Letter” with cover letter and resume purchase


TSRE 15 THANK YOU LETFree “Thank You Letter” with cover letter and resume purchase


Old fashioned typing lessons


Meredith Coleman McGee is facilitating old fashioned private typing lessons on a Smith Corona typewriter. By the end of the Summmer, this student’s typing skills will save him a lot of time on homework, reports, etc. In addition, typing skills increases a person’s capacity to learn writing skills.

Capturing someone’s attention with a good résumé



3 Awesome, Outside-The-Box Résumé Examples

Posted by dianemelville in Careers and Jobs on Aug 15, 2016 12:09:00 PM

…Now, there’s nothing wrong with a good ole fashioned résumé template, but they aren’t the only solution.

What’s important is to find a way to capture your potential employers’ attention by authentically demonstrating your unique skills.